Nike Engineer Builds The Perfect Driver for the Amatuer Golfer... 

This Revolutionary Club Delivers the Distance of A Driver with the Accuracy of a Hybrid.

US Golf TV independent review by Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year

Superstar Nike Engineer set out on a mission…..

The Goal:

Build a Hybrid With Driver Distance For The Amatuer Golfer

Golfers are hitting the Conventional driver all over the map

It’s not reliable…

Can’t count on it…

In fact, it’s tough to find the short grass 50% of the time.

What if you could combine the easy hitting features of a hybrid.

Gets up in the air fast…

Goes straight…

More consistent…

With Driver-like Distance…

Wouldn’t this be the ultimate club?

A Nike Engineer wanted it hot off the face like a driver-but accurate and forgiving as a hybrid .

For years Hybrids have always been the easiest club to hit in the bag...
...but they just didn’t have the distance to replace the driver.

So the big manufactures kept whipping their engineers in shape to make the driver Bigger …..

More Shaft…

Bigger Heads…

Taller Tees…

Anything to make the go further each and every year even if by a yard or two….

The reality is, the typical amateur golfer has seen very little overall distance improvements in the last 5 years. 

In fact,  the conventional driver is getting harder to hit and your not gaining distance.

The mad urge for distance 

The pressure on big manufacturers to hit their numbers is so great.

They are doing anything to make the driver go 3 yards longer.

Golfers are so hungry for more distance, but at what cost?


How much distance are you really gaining? 

It seems like distance is only thing manufacturers are thinking about when they design.

Do you want to use a Sledge Hammer to Drive a Nail?

Sure it’s easier to physically hit the nail, but doesn’t mean it won’t blow up your thumb.

Do you want to be able to drive a nail without hitting your thumb?

A sledge hammer isn’t the best idea... And maybe an oversized driver isn't either!

Would you give up hitting 50% of the fairways to possibly add 3 more yards to your drive?

It doesn’t add up. 

In fact-USGA has strict engineering specs that limit distance gains, so they big boys are fighting for 2-3 yards more when you are hitting it all over the course.

New data shows we are not hitting it longer –Golf Digest

The so-called "distance explosion" that has the USGA in a tizzy? 

Yeah, that might be happening on tour, but it ain't happening to you. 

“Amateur-golfer" distance numbers haven't moved that much in two decades, and many are hitting it shorter than they used to.

Average Joe’s are hitting it shorter and shorter.

Distance is down the past four years, according to Arccos research.

Looking at full-year data only, it's down 0.6 yards from 2015 -'17. 

If you include 2018, distance has dropped to 217.1 yards, 3.5 yards less than in 2015. 

(Golf Digest -June 20-2018)

So where do we go from here…

Stanford University Study proves  You’re probably Using The Wrong Driver.

Jessica Rose Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine,
We analyzed angular velocity of the upper torso and pelvis throughout the golf swing and in relation to phases of the golf swing, and compared these benchmarks between professional and amateur golfers. We found that professionals demonstrated consistent patterns of upper torso and pelvic rotational velocities throughout the golf swing. 

While professionals maintained upper torso angular velocity during follow-through, in amateurs, upper torso angular velocity dropped rapidly after impact (Fig. 2). Amateurs appeared to stop their swing abruptly after impact, whereas professionals continued to finish swings, indicating that professionals had more continuous and fluid rotational mechanisms. 

In other words…..

Stanford Proves You Can’t repeat your swing like a tour pro-- So why are you using the same driver?

What does this Stanford Study mean for you?

It means you don’t have the swing speed, swing plane or consistent talent/ability to repeat same swing motion over and over.                

Sound obvious right?

Then why are 99 pct of the amateur golfers trying to copy the pros when it’s impossible to model - per the Stanford report?

Pro's vs Joe's

The typical Joe, doesn’t have the swing speed or the swing plane to be hitting the same driver as a tour pro. 

Pros have smooth swings with a full finish that launches the ball high in the air, so it make sense to play a lower lofted driver...

The swing speed of a tour pro is almost 109 mph compared to typical amateur at 90-92 MPH.  Lower clubhead speeds make it harder to get ball in air.

Higher Clubhead speed helps you get the ball launched higher for longer carry.

In fact, Long Shafted drivers actually slow your swing down and cost you some serious yards off the tee.                  

And lets not forget the Big head of the conventional driver actually has more face area to miss it on.

All of this adds up the a lot of wild drives that crush your score and make golf a lot harder than it should be.                  

This is why you don’t have the distance you deserve and why you find your swing one day and lose it the next.

How can the amateur golfer be consistent with a driver that is built for a pro 110 mph swing speed and perfect swing plane?

This Is Why You Hardly Ever Hit Your Driver Long And Straight

3 Death Flaws of the Conventional Driver that makes it almost impossible to hit

1. Your Driver Doesn’t have enough loft and it’s killing you.

Do you hit a low wild bullet shots that end up 30 yards short of your buddies?

Can’t seem to launch it high in the air and carry those hazards or bunkers?
Expert NY Club Fitting Guru says…

Increasing Driver Loft 2.4 degrees will add 15 yards to your drives……

Let's assume for now that you have a 100 mph club speed and your driver launch is 10.0 degrees.Your maximum total distance would be 278 yards.  Now, if you could increase the loft to 12.4 degrees,  your total distance would increase to 293 yards, an improvement of 15 yards.

The slower you swing the club the higher the loft of the driver needs to be to optimize both carry and roll
What if you could add 15+ yards To Your Drives By Playing a Driver With More Loft

2. The Shaft of the Conventional Driver is way to long 

Are shorter shafts better?

Here’s what NY City Club fitting guru says….

Longer Shafts in drivers actually slow down a golfers swing speed instead of increasing it for under 100mph swingers”. – Josh Chervokas, Director New York Golf Center Custom Shop
Long shafted drivers are hard to swing fast for the normal guy.
Most Drivers these days are 45.5 inches and they keep getting longer.

The longer the shaft, the slower you swing and the shorter you hit it. 

The extra length is great for the pros who swing at 110 mph, but not for the typical amateur that swings at 90 mph.

3. Oversized is Over-rated… The "Bigger Is Better" Trap  

The Conventional Driver Head is so big that it forces you swing up on the ball which is completely opposite of every other club in the bag.

You have heard it before…

Tee it high and let if fly –but why?

The HUGE Driver heads of today force you to tee the ball super high and swing up on it.

Which leads to timing issues and wild drives that are killing you game. Every other swing in the bag is like an iron, but all of the sudden we pull out a driver and you have a completely different swing.
Did you know...?

Jack Nicklaus won 17 majors with a smaller head and a shorter shaft in his driver

Why are you playing a driver that is almost 2 inches longer than Jack ?

The greatest player of all time had a shorter driver, but the big manufacturers keep making them longer and longer and longer for thee tour pros

Your swing is nothing like a tour pro and…

The conventional driver on the market today is not built for you

Drivers are designed for a tour pro swing and not a typical Amatuer and its proven. 

This is one of the reasons you are so wild off of the tee .
Imagine melding together a hot driver face with an accurate hybrid head...
A go-to club you a finally count on to hit long and deep right down the middle.

Do you have trouble hitting your driver in the fairway consistently? You’d like to find more fairways but you don’t want to sacrifice distance and hit a shorter club off the tee… it’s a tough choice for sure!
What if you could have the accuracy of your favorite hybrid combined with the distance of your driver? Sounds good, right?  
How can a club like that exist?
Well, if you go back about 15 years, you might remember a miracle club, the Adams Tight Lies, changed the game by allowing you to hit long, high shots from super tight lies and from the rough with a fairway wood. How about a few decades before that… 

Irons were all muscle back designs and not at all forgiving. Along came Karsten Solheim with his Ping heel and toe weighted irons that revolutionized iron play by letting you hit great shots even when you missed the center of the clubface. 
Well someone’s done it again. 

Long drives don’t help you if you’re having to hit your next shot from the trees, the rough or even the tee again! 

That’s why the team of an experienced golf marketer and award-winning designer thought there had to be a better way to engineer a driver.
They threw out the conventional driver design book and decided to start from scratch and use common sense. 

A driver goes far BUT a hybrid is easy to hit and goes really straight . Let’s take the best from both club. 
If they could take the accuracy of a hybrid and the distance of driver you’d agree it would be THE perfect club to hit from the tee.
They figured if they blended the face height of your driver for a big hitting area with the little bit shorter shaft, a smaller extremely solid and forgiving expanded hybrid-like head, it would be long AND deadly accurate. 

Here it is, the Teton HXD Oversized Hybrid Driver. 

You might be saying, “A Hybrid Driver? I’ve never heard of that before.” That’s because the Teton is the first of its kind, brand-new, cutting-edge, super straight, easy to hit and LONG!
For recreational golfers, the Teton just may make conventional drivers obsolete! Who wouldn’t want to use a club off the tee that’s as easy to hit as your favorite hybrid and as long as your driver? 
The Secret Sauce Of This Super-Club Is In The Combination of The Face Height of a Traditional Driver With a Forgiving, Back-Weighted Oversized Hybrid Shape.
How a Frustrated Superstar Nike Engineer with 12 Golf Digest Hot list awards pulled off the impossible 

He Combined The Face Height of a Traditional Driver With the Forgiving, Back-Weighted Oversized Shape of a Hybrid.

The result 

Now A Golfer Can have The Accuracy of a Sniper with Driver Distance.

A club built for the weekend warrior that’s easier and more forgiving off of the tee and just as long as your driver.

This is the club that you can finally hit long and straight that instantly gives you the respect of your buddies

Why are your buddies always longer or straighter than you?

A Club “outside of the box”
Finally, someone thought outside the box and combined the easy to hit features of a hybrid with the key ingredient for distance into one club.

As a coach this is huge! 

Now my students can take all the iron swing concepts they have mastered and simply repeat them with their driver.

- Todd Kolbe, US Golf TV independent review by Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year
Here’s the Advantages of the Teton HXD
  • Oversized Hybrid head for deadly consistency and accuracy
  • Distance of a high-performance Driver with Hybrid Accuracy
  • Super Hot Steel face for increased Ball speed and more distance
  • Taller Driver face with Higher MOI to reduce twisting and turning which are those wild drives that kill your round
  • Higher Dynamic launch built right into the head for soaring drives that fly longer from a lower tee height without swinging up
  • Easier to hit than oversized bulky head and helps eliminate those wild drives that are crushing your round
  • Your go to club when all of your buddies are hitting it all over the place 
  • Sniper Like accuracy from using a smooth iron swing without teeing it high
  • Twice the accuracy of a Big Headed Driver because it…
  • Back weighted benefits of the hybrid to get the ball up in the air without lifting it.
  • Shorter Shaft optimized to hit the sweet spot for longer drives time after time 
  • Small Head allows to square the face easier at impact that stops the dreaded right shot.
Is this the Perfect Club?…

If your struggling off the tee…

This might just replace your driver for good.  It’s based off pure science. High launch- Low Spin and Center Strike Consistency--and it just works.  Imagine melding together the best features of a driver and hybrid.  Love it!

-- Blair Phillip, Former Ping Engineer

4 Benefits of shorter driver shaft.

  • Easier to hit the center of the face for longer consistent distance
  • More control and accuracy off the tee.
  • Speeds up you clubhead through the ball
  • Easier to square the face at impact

Why you should try using a hybrid as your driver – and a solution that’s even better


He used a traditional hybrid because it’s just easier to hit even for the golfer shooting 100 or more 

It’s easier to hit because the weight is low and you can use an iron swing from a low tee height.

The result..

A golfer that couldn’t hit is over-sized Driver takes it out of his bag and shots the round of his life..

Imagine this…..

What if his brother in law could add 50 yards of distance to his hybrid?

Would he ever touch his conventional big headed driver again?

Heck NO!

This is exactly the Nike Superstar Engineer designed with the Teton HXD Super Hybrid

The perfect Blend of the easy hitting high launch hybrid shape with a tall driver face.

Why This Hybrid Driver Is As Long As your Driver

You might be asking…


How can I hit this as far as my driver?


Here’s the simple answer…


First off….


 The Teton has  driver face on it---It’s much taller than a hybrid but smaller than a Conventional Driver and super hot .


The Face is deeper than a traditional hybrid which allows for high launch and less spin for  the typical amateur swing.


Another Distance bonus is the…


Shorter Shaft --which allows you to swing it faster than your current driver.


Every 1 mph faster you can swing it gives you 2.5 yards, and it’s proven that longer shafts actually slow down your swing.


And here’s the real - Factor

"The large face provides a driver like ball speed at impact"

I designed Teton HxD (15 deg) to be the most versatile club possible off the tee, also gave it a deep face and an oversized hybrid shape at address.  The large face provides a driver like ball speed at impact.  The longer oversized hybrid head shape provides forgiveness for off center shots.  The build length is shorter than a driver or fairway making it much easier for amateur golfers to hit.

 I fine tuned the loft to be stronger than a typical hybrid and combined that with a mid kick shaft to launch the carry the ball deeper down the fairway.  This all has resulted in a club that is easy to control off the tee without sacrificing the ability to carry it far and roll out for longer drives than you'd expect.

Teton HxD (15 deg) is designed to be played off the tee.  To compliment it I also designed a 21 deg to hit off the tee or ground.  It's smaller than the original to make it easy to clip off the turf.  The added loft gets the ball in the air quick and lands softer than the 15 deg.  Combined, these two clubs stand a good chance at replacing all of the metal woods in your bag.

Joshua Boggs
Principal Designer
Former Nike Golf Engineer
Rally Studios

How many times do you miss the center of the face on your hybrid compared to your big headed driver?

Center Contact = Distance
It’s responsible for the long balls more than anything.

A ball hit in the dead center of the face  with a 95 mph swing speed will fly 21 yards longer than an off center hit. 

It’s hard to miss the center of a Teton…

Which means built In center contact on almost every swing.

Let's Take a look under the hood on what makes the Teton HXD Hybrid Driver so ground-breaking.

Loft: 15° … The perfect loft for your swing speed. Tee it low for laser sharp accuracy but get the high launch you need to carry it LONG.
  • Length: 42.5” … Just shorter than a driver which makes it a lot easier to hit in the center of the face for more distance
  • Oversized Hybrid Head… Smaller than a Driver head but much Larger than a traditional Hybrid. 
  • Driver Face… The face of the Teton is much taller than a traditional hybrid. The Face is Super hot and easy to hit compared to a oversized driver head.
  • Shaft... Accuracy tuned lengths, swing speed matched torque, variable mass / flex fitting, and mid kick tip for high launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this a Hybrid or a Driver?

This is a driver shaped like hybrid. Imagine an oversized Hybrid head with Driver Distance. It really is  the best of both worlds

2) What is the benefit of the Hybird head in a Driver?

The Hybrid is one of the easiest clubs to hit in the bag- the weight is low and is easy to get up in the air. The biggest  problem is that it doesn’t go far enough to use off the tee-  The Teton HXD gives you all of the accuracy benefits of a Hybrid with Driver Distance.

3) Will I lose distance with the Teton HXD Compared my Driver?

The Teton is much easier to hit In the dead center of the face and much easier to swing faster as it has a shorter shaft. The increased swing speed with dead center contact is going to put it right out there with your driver and a lot more consistent.

4) Which Shaft Flex is for me?

Ideal shaft flex is based on your average swing speed. The slower your swing speed, the higher the flex should be to provide that additional snap in your swing. The faster your swing speed, the firmer the shaft should be to avoid excessive clubhead lag behind your swing.
Shaft Flex Type     Average Clubhead Speed    Average Driving Distance
Stiff 90 MPH 250+ yards
Regular 80-90 MPH 200 - 240 yards
Senior 70-80 MPH 175 - 200 yards
Senior Plus 70 MPH 175 yards

3 Ball Challenge…

Tee up 3 balls.

Hit the Teton with driver-like distance and 2x the accuracy of your current driver. 

Try the Teton HXD for 60 days -- Play several rounds with it or take it to the range, but it’s yours to take for a full test drive.

That's right...

Risk-free guarantee: Try it for 60 days.

If you don’t hit it long with deadly accuracy -- I insist you ask for your money back.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Imagine stepping up to the tee knowing you can stripe the ball down the middle.

No more swinging up on the ball with a super tall tee.

That's I’m inviting you to order Teton HxD designed by a Golf Digest Hotlist winner, take it for a spin over the next 60 days, and return it for a full refund if you’re not utterly and completely satisfied.

Order your Teton HxD Hybrid Driver right now and hit it to your heart’s content for the next 60 days.

Use it on the course, the range. And don’t worry about scuffing it up.

If you don’t see IMMEDIATE and DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT off the tee.

If you're not INSTANTLY able to find the fairway with consistent distance and accuracy. Then I’ll refund you No questions asked.

Watch the buddies look on you face the first time you stripe it down the middle as you are helping them look for their ball.

Imagine a club you can finally count on round after round. 

Picture this—you're on a tight hole. There is hardly any fairway and you have to hit it to win the match.

Everyone thins your dead, but you take it back and stripe it right down the middle for the win.

What will your buddies think when you become a fairway machine over night? 

Never rely on a driver that has not worked in the past. 

If you're not 100%, over-the-moon thrilled with your new Teton HxD–- for any reason (or none at all)...

Simply send it back and we'll refund every penny (less shipping and handling).

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