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New from the Club Designer for Tiger Woods…

Announcing the First Club to Successfully Combine the Accuracy of a 6-Iron with the Distance of a High-Performance Driver


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If you’re frustrated by slices, hooks, pop-ups or topped shots…

If you’ve ever wanted to snap your driver in two after blowing it in yet another hazard…

If you're sick of inconsistency off the tee — no matter what club, swing experiment or training aid you try…

Then please listen closely.

Because I’m about to tell you the somewhat shocking story of how “Big Golf” may be destroying your game.

It’s one of golf’s dirty little secrets:

Most drivers, especially the big-money ones, are not designed for amateurs

Instead, they’re designed and optimized for tour pros with high swing speeds who flush it on every shot.

You see, manufacturers know that when big-name pros use their clubs, that means publicity and endorsements.

But pros don’t endorse — in fact, they are forbidden to endorse — clubs they wouldn’t use themselves.

So manufacturers design the clubs for pros, making them heavier, longer and with a sweet spot that you need a magnifying glass to find.

Which works great for the pros.

But has left amateur golfers standing in the weeds with drivers that are almost impossible to hit straight — let alone very far.

Which is why you should know about the superstar design team — Jeff Halstead and Josh Boggs.

They were fed up with designing clubs that were really only meant for less than the top one percent of golfers.

They decided it was high time amateurs had a club that made it easy to get distance, accuracy and consistency off the tee WITHOUT a perfect swing.

Jeff is an award-winning engineer who often appears on Golf Digest’s prestigious “hot list” of top club designers and engineers.

And Josh was the designer at Nike Golf behind Tiger Woods’ personal drivers.

After leaving their jobs at Nike and Adams Golf, they were determined to ditch the traditional “tour pro” focus and finally design a driver specifically for amateur golfers.

They had one single goal: Design a driver that a typical amateur golfer can hit with the ease and accuracy of a 6-iron — but with the distance wallop of a high-performance driver.

After months of painstaking research, design and engineering, a breakthrough emerged…

A breakthrough that could totally change your golf game

It’s a powerful new driver with a more compact head design and an iron-like profile that gives amateur golfers a HUGE advantage: amazing accuracy and consistency PLUS the distance off the tee we all crave.

It’s called the Sprinter Hot Metal, and it’s especially designed for higher-handicap golfers with slower swing speeds looking to banish slices, hooks, worm-burners and topped shots…

And start crushing the ball right down the middle — without a faster swing speed or a perfect swing.

The Sprinter Hot Metal completely eliminates the root cause of most mis-hits and driver inconsistency, simply because it’s designed for accuracy as well as distance at slower swing speeds.

The Sprinter makes driving the ball fun again, and instantly makes your driver the most reliable club in your bag — even if you're not as strong as you used to be, or are battling stiff or achy joints.

How long until you’re striping it with this new Sprinter Hot Metal driver?

All it takes is 3 practice balls on the range. I guarantee it.

Because if you can hit a 6-iron, you can now drive it off the tee longer and straighter than ever.

How is this possible?

Jeff and Josh designed the Sprinter Hot Metal with an easy-hitting 6-iron profile built right into the driver face… for deadly accuracy.

Then they combined it with revolutionary “Hot Metal” technology — special metals blended to create a proprietary, explosive face that maximizes off-the-face ball speed no matter how fast you swing it.

No wonder many are calling it the world’s first true “Accuracy Driver.”

Just swing it like your 6-iron and watch the ball fly dead straight, automatically unleashing more distance, accuracy and consistency than you may have ever thought possible — fixing mis-hits and eliminating those short and crooked drives.

What might THAT do for your score?

What I love about the Sprinter is that, as you’ll learn in a moment:

It fixes the ONE reason you can so seldom count on your current driver to go dead straight

But first, if you’re as skeptical as I was when I heard about this amazing club, I’d like to show you what happened when it was put into the hands of recreational golfers for an independent field test…


The first time I ever hit the Sprinter Hot Metal—Pure confidence. I immediately hit three right away and they were all down the middle, 15 handicap

Jarod on Keesling HDCP 15

I've never had three consistent shots like that. BAM- BAM- BAM —I think the Sprinter Hot Metal is definitely a club I need to put in my bag.

Harry Wick HDCP 12

"Swing it like 6-iron and it’s effortless” A slight baby draw every time I hit it

Bill Carver HDCP 7

Very surprised that I was able to hit the Sprinter. Seemed like 20 yards longer

Don Dodge HDCP 17

The Sprinter Hot Metal is very straight. I wouldn't have missed any fairway on any shot I hit today. I think it just feels more under control. You want to stay in the fairway, this is the club.

Randy Lasater HDCP 15

The Sprinter you swing it like a six iron, but the ball launches off the face, like a driver. The ball flew off of it and I just saw the ball going straight. I didn't see it fading. I didn't see it hooking

Bill Wright HDCP 15

It’s very very forgiving and it’s on the map all of the time—I mean, all you got to do is swing it smooth, and it jumps and it's unbelievable. And it goes super straight.

Brian Deloach HDCP 5

I mean the Sprinter Hot Metal definitely had distance comparable to my driver. It was very accurate. I miss hit a few of them and it was still dead straight It feels hot off the face. It's forgiving. It goes exactly where you want it to go. It's awesome.

Thomas Nunley HDCP 6

Wow… those were regular golfers like you who were able to gain crazy consistency and amazing accuracy — ”verified” straight from the tour-tested Foresight Quad Pro Launch Monitor.

That’s why I don’t care if you have the latest expensive driver…

Because as I said earlier, most drivers — especially the “big-money” drivers — are designed for tour pro swing speeds in excess of 110 mph, and require perfect timing for maximum distance and accuracy.

In fact, here are the three things Big Golf doesn't want you to know about those big-name, big-price-tag drivers:

  • First, the metal on the face is optimized for swing speeds of over 110-120 miles per hour (a full 20 miles faster than the average golfer’s swing). 
  • Second, the length is super-long at 46 inches, making it hard to control and resulting in frustrating inconsistency. 
  • And because the traditional driver head is oversized, it’s bulkier, less aerodynamic, and just plain harder to hit — resulting in hooks, slices and unpredictable shots.

In short, if you’re not a tour pro or darned close to it — if you can’t whip the clubhead through impact at 110 to 120 miles per hour — and hit that microscopic sweet spot right on the money — you’re doomed to failure before you ever even take the club back.

But the good news is that the Sprinter Hot Metal is a whole new type of driver — one that’s designed specifically to give amateur golfers instant access to significantly greater control, accuracy and distance.

It means that now ...

You, too, can be hitting 10 to 12 fairways a round with easy wedges into greens, giving you makeable birdie putts

Look, the cold hard truth is that until you get you a driver that matches your swing speed, your swing plane and your skill level, your buddies will continue to blow it by you…

And snicker as they pass your drive in their carts.

Here’s my warning to you

If you fail to fix the root cause of your bad drives, you’ll be forever stuck on a hamster wheel, searching endlessly for the next miracle swing tip, only to have to start all over again the very next round.

And — even worse — you’ll never experience the beautiful feeling of a flushed drive that you barely feel off the face — immediately bending over to pick up your tee because you know without a doubt it’s long and right down the middle.

This driver is like nothing you have ever hit before.


As soon as you put it in your hands, you’ll feel the difference.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the clubhead is smaller, easier to handle and feels more like an iron (but an iron with a super-hot explosive face).

This is part of the Sprinter’s secret: because the clubface is a little smaller, it’s easier to square up.

That’s why it can automatically stop your hooks and slices in their tracks.

Look, I know you hear outrageous promises about “the latest miracle driver” all the time.

That’s why I’d like ESPN’s Michael Abrams to tell you a bit about the four — yes, four — revolutionary engineering breakthroughs that have been built right into the Sprinter Hot Metal…

Thanks, Mike.

Wow — when have you ever heard of that many breakthroughs and innovations in one club?

OK, here’s my big promise…

You’ll hit the Sprinter Hot Metal as long or longer than your current driver — but with the accuracy of a 6-iron

And with more consistency than you ever thought possible.

I guarantee this club will:

  • Permanently fix your wild shots off the tee, lower your scores and leave you in the dead center of the fairway with your buddies shaking their heads in awe.
  • Turn even your worst mis-hits into playable shots.
  • And allow you to use your natural, easy iron swing for even more precision and distance.


All because of a radically new design that’s been designed, engineered and built for you and your golf game — and not for the tour pros.

Remember: This all-new Sprinter Hot Metal is the club that big-name manufacturers are scared to make, because they know the tour pros on TV will never play it.

This strands the amateur golfer in the deep end of the pool with a driver that’s almost impossible to hit consistently straight.

But not any longer

The Sprinter is the absolute perfect driver for the weekend golfer who wants to finally get control of their driver and own the tee box

  • No more frustrating slices... 
  • No more swinging harder for distance and...
  • No more wild, inconsistent drives that kill your score.

Instead, imagine stepping up to every tee and just using your easy-to-control 6-iron swing — flushing drive after drive straighter and longer than ever before.

Life is just too short to miss fairways and not be among the longest hitters in your group.

Starting today, you no longer need a perfect swing to hit long, straight shots.


Because the wickedly effective 6-iron face built right into the heart of the Sprinter guarantees accuracy from your natural swing.

Plus, the Sprinter's amateur-friendly launch angle gives golfers like you a higher launch and more carry — even at swing speeds below 100 miles per hour.

The result: Driver distance with 6-iron accuracy.

Well, now you know the truth: The reason you struggle with accuracy off the tee has nothing to do with how many balls you hit, your tempo, your lack of a 90-degree shoulder turn or your failure to remember all the mechanical swing thoughts being taught today.

Instead, it’s got everything to do with the fact that you don’t have the higher swing speed and flush-it-every-time control of a professional golfer.

And that’s why:

You need a driver that is designed for your swing speed, swing plane and skill level

A club that doesn’t force you to swing out of your shoes to hit it long and straight.

Please don’t do what the vast majority of golfers out there end up doing: trying to overswing in a futile attempt to gain more distance.

That only results in frustration, the ball spraying all over the course, and you walking off yet another green with a double bogey or worse.

What’s more, I need to warn you that putting too much effort into your swing can lead to injuries — which is a big reason behind golf’s shockingly high injury rate for a zero-contact sport.

But now there’s hope.

With the revolutionary new Sprinter Hot Metal, you can simply use your natural, everyday swing to bomb drive after drive straight down the middle like a heat-seeking missile.

You’ll walk up to every tee with the quiet confidence that comes from knowing this baby is going exactly where you want it to.

So why not give it a try?

Our iron-clad money-back guarantee means you pay nothing if this club doesn’t get you playing the best golf of your life in just 3 swings.

Sprinter Hot Metal FAQ Section

Your very longest tee shot with a conventional driver might beat your longest with the Sprinter. (Then again, it might not.)

But what really matters is your average driving distance. And because the Sprinter Hot Metal is easier to strike dead-center, and extremely forgiving when you miss, your average should actually go up vs. your current club.

Ask yourself this: “Would I rather max out at 225 yards but average 205, or max out at 220 and average 215?”

I know how I’d answer. I bet you’d say the same.

In this game, consistency is everything.

It’s pretty simple, really.

If your swing speed is below 100 mph, and your average drive is less than 250 yards, the Sprinter will definitely improve your driving. Its extra loft and shorter shaft are exactly what the typical golfer needs to launch the ball higher with more carry.

And speaking of shafts, the Sprinter Hot Metal features a proprietary graphite shaft made specifically for its clubhead. They’re a perfect match, and you’ve got five flexes to choose from based on your swing speed.

You’ll see a handy selection guide when you check out.

I’ll give you a few reasons.

  1. Most adjustable drivers top out at 12 degrees of loft. That’s OK, but it’s less than the Sprinter’s 13 degrees – better for slower swing speeds.
  2. And here’s something you may not know: When you increase the loft of an adjustable driver, you actually close the clubface. That just complicates things further in an already complicated game.
  3. Not many adjustable drivers let you change the center of gravity, or CG, which is usually too high and close to the clubface for most golfers. (This is yet another example of how today’s drivers aren’t really built for amateurs.)
  4. The Sprinter Hot Metal’s CG is positioned to produce the optimum launch angle and spin rate for the vast majority of us.
  5. You may change the loft, but never adjust the other settings. One study found that of all adjustable driver owners, only 1 in 3 even use the feature. In other words, you’re paying for bells and whistles that do nothing for your drives

You bet it can. That’s another benefit of having more loft than a “Big Golf” driver.

See, the more loft a club has, the easier it is to square the clubface at impact. Think about it: Are you more likely to slice your driver, or your 8-iron? No doubt it’s the driver.

The Sprinter’s shorter shaft has much the same effect. The less distance between your hands and the clubface, the more easily you can return it to square.

That’s easy. Just send it back within 60 days and we’ll give you a full product refund.

Yep, you can hit it all you want during those 60 days. If the Sprinter does anything less than we’ve promised – or comes up short of your expectations in any way, shape or form – simply return it and we’ll keep our end of the bargain.

No questions asked.

When You Order Sprinter — You Get 4 Bonus Gifts, Immediately

These gifts have a combined value of $895, and together,
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In fact, the first two gifts alone may well cause you to shoot your lowest score ever on your very next round.

Because these two mini-clinics are filled with the very same secrets that I give to my private coaching students who fly in and pay me a fortune.

The first is one that I call...

3 Tricks That Completely Eliminate Chunked Chips

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It's so embarrassing, right?

Well, that all ends today.

In this chipping mini-clinic, you'll discover...
  • My no-hands technique for chipping that instantly eliminates chunked chips...
  • The anti-chunk setup that guarantees crisp contact your very next time out...
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  • My chipping secret for "automatic spin", also known around the green as the "Two-Hop and Stop". This insider move will have you stopping it on a dime for both perfect distance control and easy up and ins, no matter the lie...
  • And a whole lot more!
Don't miss this opportunity to finally conquer - once and for all - one of the most vexing shots in golf.

Your second mini-clinic concerns a topic that, for most golfers I know, is a way to banish double bogeys from your scorecard.

I call it...

Get Out of Every Bunker in One Shot... Every Time

This clinic features my foolproof technique that keeps you from getting stuck in the bunker.

With it, you'll be so comfortable in the sand your friends may even nickname you "The Sandman."

You'll discover...

How to never open your clubface again while getting out of a bunker...

  • The "no-hands' takeaway that picks the ball right off the top of the sand without digging in...
  • How to swing square-to-square and watch the ball fly straight to the flag...
  • A secret trick that will have you spinning the ball back out of the bunker, so you can fly it all the way to the pin and stop it on a dime...
  • And much, much more!
And that's not all...

I've saved what may very well be the best for last.

Birdies Club 7-day Membership

When you request the Sprinter Hot Metal, I would like to thank you by giving you a third very special gift that can really next-level your game: a FREE 7-day membership in my elite Birdies Club.

The best part is you get FREE US shipping forever

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Just take a test drive for an entire week and if you love it keep it and it's only $49.99 a month

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Birdies Club is a 360-degree game-improvement experience with exclusive video content from some of the world's best instructors.

It's engineered to drop strokes from your score in every key area of your game and get you playing your best golf ever.

It's like having a full team of experts analyzing and improving everything about your game in real time.

That's right: it's behind-the-ropes, full-game instructional access to me and other big names you're sure to recognize, such as...
Bobby Wilson, a 5-time World Long-Drive Champion who still hits the ball over 330 yards - even at age 65. And he'll reveal his secrets for hitting long drives well into your golden years.

In fact, he's known as the Godfather of the long drive and the go-to guy for all the longest drivers in the world. He'll share with you the one downswing trick for "consistent distance" that he used to win the World Long Drive finals by lacing drivers over 350 yards - as straight as an arrow.

Bobby Wilson

And, of course, you'll be hearing plenty of other legends like Jimmy Hanlin with on-course playing lessons, putting tips and my favorite golf hacks.

As I said, that's just a small sample of our incredible faculty.

Jimmy Hanlin

My Dream Team Of Mentors Will Break Down Every Aspect Of The Game For You, Going Deep On Every Stroke-Saving Hack You Can Think Of

Imagine having every problem with your game solved with a push of the button - simply by watching these powerful step-by-step coaching videos by world-class instructors that attack your exact issue!!

Say you're on hole 3, after chunking back-to-back iron shots. You take a beat, simply open the Birdies Club on your phone, and watch "how to stop hitting fat iron shots" - and, in just a few short minutes, your short game is instantly fixed, mid-round.

Now, that's pretty cool!

And if you have questions, the Birdies Club concierge team will be just an email away, ready with answers and helpful advice about your swing or your game.

Now, what does the Birdies Club cost? Nothing - for the next 7 days!

You get full access FREE for 7 days - to put it through its paces and get everything you can out of it!

If you love it, do nothing and - after 7 days - we'll bill you at the low, discounted price of $49.99 a month. (Heck, you'll easily make this back from your member discounts alone.)

Of course, you can cancel anytime by emailing support@lv8golf.com. (Don't worry, contact info is on every communication we send to you - we're always easy to get hold of.)

If, for any reason, you don't love it (or for no reason at all), just let us know anytime within 7 days, and you won't be charged a single penny.

Remember, if you're not happy, we're not happy. So you'll get no hassles no matter what you decide. No questions asked.

Naturally, whether you continue with the Birdies Club or not...

The Sprinter Hot Metal And Your Two Mini-Clinics Are Yours To Keep... Forever.

But I know you're gonna be thrilled once you log in and see what it's like to have push-button access to solve every pain point in your golf game, and experience the power and calm confidence with world-class golf instruction behind you.

With all that considered

Your only remaining question about Sprinter is probably the price.

Well, you’re gonna love that, too.

Because you’re part of our community AND demonstrating courage in leaving conventional driver design behind...

We Wanted To Make Sure You Saved Big On This First-Of-Its-Kind Club

Whereas many new drivers with the latest technology... can run you upwards of $500... $600... or even $800 plus...

And yet STILL require you to hit the ball forward in your stance, making center-center contact impossible...

Sprinter leverages center lie axis technology, pioneered by two of the world’s leading club designers...

So you can hit the ball in the center of your stance...

Make perfectly flush contact...

And add considerable distance and consistency to your drives...

All WITHOUT Costing You Anywhere Near The $600 To $800 Many High-End Drivers Run You

In fact, Sprinter won’t cost you $500... it won’t even cost you $400.

No, because when you order today — Sprinter is just $99.

That’s almost insane given the technology and performance it delivers.

So what are you waiting for?

With Sprinter, you address the #1 cause of inconsistency and contact issues...

Which is trying to hit the ball forward in your stance... and never making center-center contact.

For the first time ever, you can drive the ball from the center of your stance...

Just like you do your 6-iron...

While Making The Most Flush Contact Of Your Life, Over And Over...

This will almost immediately add 10... 15... even 25 plus yards off the tee...

Supercharge your consistency...

And help you finally become the confident golfer you’ve always known you could be.

There’s never been anything like Sprinter.

It’s a true revolution in driver technology.

And it’s going to change the lives of millions of golfers all over the world.

Given everything you’ve learned today and the generous guarantee, I encourage anyone watching to test-drive Sprinter RISK-FREE today.

Do that now... and we’ll see you inside the accompanying training videos.

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Colt Sprinter

Retail Price: $299

Yours Today: $99


60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
And Unconditional Refund Policy

Questions / Order by Phone

If you have a question about the Colt Sprinter or if you’d like to order by phone, call our friendly customer service team at 1-866-724-1072 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00pm EST). You can also send an email to support@crew72golf.com